Hello I'm

Rodrigo Casale

About Me

I'm a software engineer from Mexico. Currently I'm employed at Pinterest as a fullstack engineer where I believe we're doing a lot of cool stuff.

I have experience with a bunch of technologies:

  • TypeScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • React
  • C++
  • Flutter
  • SQL
  • GraphQL
  • Ethereum
  • And much more...

I've worked in a lot of different projects, from mobile apps to web apps, from videogames to blockchain. I'm always looking for new challenges and new technologies to learn. I'm a big fan of open source and I've contributed to a few projects. I'm also a big fan of music and art...

Work Experience

Fullstack Software Engineer


Remote | Mexico | Jan 2024 - Present

Working on systems for the internal ads review process in Pinterest, mainly directed to the processing, conversion and redirection of data.

Project Lead / Software Engineer

Abdo Technology

Monterrey, Mexico | Sept 2023 - Jan 2024

Frontend development for several React and Flutter projects

Frontend Developer


Remote | Mexico | Oct 2023 - Jan 2024

Built critical features for a Web3 wallet web app.

Frontend Developer

Gnosis Ltd.

Remote | Mexico | June 2022 - Nov 2022

Built critical features for a Web3 wallet web app.

Software Engineer Intern


Remote | Mexico | June 2021 - Aug 2021

Developed a C++ server that converts an internal data format into an open-source data model for data export to clients.

Student Training in Engineering Program Intern


Remote | Mexico | June 2020 - Aug 2020

Collaborated in a team to develop an open-source web app for online gaming in remote classes, promoting technology use in education.


I'm a big fan of art. I like to work on music, short films, photography, and videogames.

There's a lot to show but here are some relevant links to my work:

  • YouTube Channel

    • Here I have posted a bunch of my life since I was a kid. Here you can find my music, short films, and some other stuff.
  • Photography Account

    • I like to take pictures of people and stuff :D
  • Soundcloud

    • More music!
  • Casino Hold'em Advance

    • GameBoy Advance videogame made by me! This is an abandoned project but it works as a cool MVP. More games coming soon!
Me and friends
Me and friends
Me and friends
Me and friends